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in israel and gaza in recent days including the latest polling terrorist attack on a bus in tel aviv. there's widespread support on all sides of the house for an immediate and durable cease-fire being agreed in israel and gaza. will the prime minister set out in his view their main barriers to the cease-fire agreement now being reached? >> i agree with right hon. gentleman about the appalling news this morning about the terrorist attack on a bus in tel leave and also express our deep concern at the intolerable situation in southern israel and the grave loss of life in gaza. yes specifically what we can do to bring this cease-fire back. all of us across the european union including also america and beyond need to be putting pressure on the israeli prime minister and all those with contact with hamas to d escalate, stop the fighting, stop the bombing and that is what i have done. over the weekend i spoke twice to the israeli prime minister, wants to the president of israel. my friend the foreign secretary is working on this as well to be -- persuade both sides the need a ceasefire and beyond
israel and palestinians come to the table and talk to the final stages of issues, including jerusalem, including refugees, including borders when they do it themselves. we can wish for all we want it in the end you've got to have direct talks between the direct party to get a two-state solution we want. >> thank you, mr. speaker. prime minister will be aware that on the order of tomorrow's business, there's a debate in my name to mark the 40th anniversary of the expulsion of asians from uganda and the arrival in the uk. however, because of the need for a statement on the leveson inquiry, it's likely my debate may not be faced. i fully appreciate it. however, with the prime minister acknowledge the importance and the need for having such a need and will he do whatever he can to assure that i'm given another case? >> i think the reaction of colleagues from right across the house shows that he speaks for the whole house and avoid the whole country in wanting to speak up for the ugandan asians taking your country in the 1970s who made the most fantastic contribution to our national life,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2